100 ACRE Planter Systems


We know that people work better with elements of the natural environment around them and with the colour green easily visible. Biophilic design brings positive benefits to the health of employees including increased happiness, concentration, creativity and ultimately an output of productivity. That’s why we designed 100 ACRE in a range of options that can be used in any workspace, freely moved about, and blended with our other product offerings to create a pleasing workplace environment.

100 ACRE is a range of planters, shelves, and bench seating that work together to create a flexible, mobile, and fun workspace while improving the health of your employees by providing them with the fundamentals of ergonomic and biophilic workplaces. 

Technical Specifications

REVIT File 100 Acre Shelving Unit

REVIT File 100 Acre Planter Unit

REVIT File 100 Acre Trellis

REVIT File Bench Planter

REVIT File Bench

100 Acre 3D.DWG (zip file)