We believe going to work should be a positive experience.

Our product development takes on a biophilic approach to design. We want the workplace to have natural elements such as plants to assist with air quality, mobility to avoid static seated job-related injury, and products that can enhance the fun of team-work. We want our products to be used to create individual workspaces that contribute to the culture and unique community of each organisation.

Our products are designed to offer flexibility on any floor plan and easy change solutions for organisational shifts such as growth, downsizing, and remote work practices with drop-in facilities.

Our future developments are just as exciting as our initial range, we are already hatching the next generation of product concepts and we can’t wait to make new introductions that will continue to optimise a healthy workplace, create happy environments, and assist organisations to attract the right employees for their culture.

We’re serious about health.

We know that to be our best we need to feel our best, and to feel our best we need to care for our health in all aspects of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. The workplace should be a place where we feel enjoyment in our choice of work and supported in our personal development. Healthy workplaces can improve the experience of our day-to-day tasks and should provide the opportunity to accommodate us individually in our work styles.

At Square Bear, we work closely as a team but also recognise our personal needs vary to meet performance goals and to be at our best. Some of us thrive in the hustle and bustle while others need regular retreat into quiet spaces for a sense of mental clarity and focus. We care for the health of our employees and implement practices to make sure our workplace is safe, supportive, fun, flexible, and provides spaces that will allow each person to choose their work style, be creative, content, and productive in a healthy workplace setting.