Retreat 2.2


Ideal for four to six people, but also an option for private one-on-one situations, RETREAT 2.2 is designed for meetings and collaborative task work that require focus, concentration, and a level of privacy. Providing space for productivity while improving a reduction in stress induced distraction, RETREAT 2.2 works well for teams who might otherwise disturb the open-plan office while they meet.

With integrated lights, air-reticulation, and the option for integrated AV as standard features, RETREAT 2.2 surface finishes can be customised and offers the selection of solid or glass back panels. RETREAT 2.2 can suit a freestanding centralised space within an open plan environment or will smartly sit against a wall to compliment any workplace design.

Technical Specifications


REVIT File Glass Back

Retreat 2.2 3D.DWG (zip file)