Retreat 1.1


RETREAT 1.1 is designed for one person to seek peace and be removed from distraction. Generously sized with tapered walls to match the contours of the human body, stepping inside RETREAT 1.1 provides a spacious escape to find a quiet mind without feeling boxed in.

RETREAT 1.1 sits directly on the floor surface and features a sensor-controlled lighting and ventilation system that operate on entry or exit of the pod, avoiding unnecessary use. Two fans, one at the base and one at the top, reticulate airflow to allow a constant air exchange that provide ultimate oxygen availability and clean air rotation. 

Customising RETREAT 1.1 is easy with our standard range of finishes, or customer-own selections, and with the option of a glass or solid back, styles can be individually created for each workplace.

Technical Specifications


REVIT File Glass Back

Retreat 1.1 3D.DWG (zip file)