At Square Bear we like to have fun, and we like to understand what’s important in workplaces.

We know that mindfulness, workplace wellbeing, health, and wellness are becoming an essential focus for organisations and their employees.

Our products support employee wellbeing, and we want to take this one step further by encouraging our industry to explore their minds and seek respite from busy demanding schedules. We want to share the experience of work-life balance and have some fun together. We want to understand how our minds work, how we can improve mental health, and how we can achieve the best state of mind to positively approach our days.

We created the AWAKEN YOUR MIND program to invite interior designers to explore different aspects of themselves through activity, and to join us on a work/life balance journey. Released in two stages, our events have been successfully undertaken with participants enjoying some fantastic travel and action-packed activities. We have explored the importance of taking time out, nurturing relationships, challenging the brain with new things, stepping out of our comfort zones, and supporting a positive state of mind. During these events we have discussed mental health in the context of workplaces, and in particular caring for the mental health of ourselves, our colleagues, and our employees, and how we can continue to work together to create workplaces that enhance employee satisfaction. The program success has resulted in a better understanding of how Square Bear can create products for your needs.

We will be developing our second program of AWAKEN YOUR MIND soon and hope you can join us on the next journey.





These events are aimed at tapping into the creativity of interior designers, therefore, the offer for application is only open to qualified interior designers. 

This opportunity is open to residents of Australia only. Participants will be selected randomly and once accepted the experience can only be attended by that person.

In the event of illness or other reasonable need to cancel, the place may be given to another designer from the same practice but only with full consultation with, and approval by, the Square Bear marketing team at least 7 days prior to the event date commencing.

Successful applicants will be notified in writing via email and will receive a phone call from Square Bear to advise this accordingly.

All events are fully inclusive of accommodation, flights (if required), meals, and activities for all participants, and not redeemable for cash.

To be eligible for inclusion, please complete the application form, which includes your email subscription so that we can keep you updated on further details and future opportunities.

For more information please email: