Cortisol & Cognition

Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales

September 14-17

This is a ‘bring a buddy’ event.

All successful applicants will be requested to invite an interior designer from the same place of employment, or another design practice, to share rooms with. This event is designed specifically for this requirement. All participants, both the successful applicant and their chosen ‘buddy’ will participate in the full program of activities that Square Bear will provide.

Being in nature encourages physical activity and other positive behaviours. Cognitively speaking, spending time in nature increases our ability to concentrate and relieves stress as the brain experiences a reduction in cortisol (the stress hormone). Exercising the body also exercises the mind by improving dexterity, coordination, thought processes, and lifting negative states into positive states for mental well-being.

Square Bear invites you to experience the snow fields of Kosciuszko National Park and participate in a weekend of fun on the ski slopes while also finding time to recharge with scrumptious hot chocolates and serene views of the Snowy Mountain Region of NSW. Have fun, recharge your brain, and find stress relief on this adventure.

Accommodation will be at a ski-in ski-out hotel on the snowfields. Rooms will be shared between the successful applicant and their invited buddy with single beds and private ensuite bathrooms.

*Please note, this event is an active event with full days of skiing involved for all participants.

Applications are now closed.